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Books and Reference Sources

Cognitive Science, Creativity and Innovation

The Creative Attitude: Learning to Ask and Answer the Right Questions. Roger Schank with Peter Childers. New York: Macmillan, 1988

The Cognitive Computer: On Language, Learning and Artifical Intelligence. Roger C. Schank with Peter Childers. New York: Addison-Wesley, 1984

Technology, Learning and Performance Measurement
“The Future of Assessment, Certification and Recruiting” invited workshop at Project Phoenix, certification industry leadership retreat. Snowbird, UT Aug. 2006
“Economic Models for Performance Testing” case-study based workshop delivered at Performance Testing Council. Austin, TX Jan 2006 and Banff, AB May 2006
“The Business Case for Performance Based Certification” invited panel at Association of Test Publishers. Orlando, FL Mar. 2006
“Increasing the Value of Certification” invited panel at Colloquium, Phoenix, AZ Jan, 2006
“Beyond RHCE: Red Hat Certified Architect” Certification Magazine, Aug. 2004
“Prove What You Can Do, Times 2: RHCT and RHCE” Certification Magazine, Nov. 2003
“Getting (and Keeping) the Edge in Tech Careers” Certification Magazine, Sep, 2003
“Performance Based Testing; Proving Your Skills” Certification Magazine, Nov. 2002
“Proving Actual Competency: Inside Red Hat’s RHCE Program”  Certification Magazine, Aug. 2001

Culture, Society and the Internet
"Wired World, Virtual Campus: Universities and the Political Economy of Cyberspace" Peter Childers and Paul DelanyWorks and Days23/4 Spring/Fall 1994

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